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Women’s Individual Therapy

Women’s Individual Therapy

Therapy is a space that is created with a professional. In this space, there is a safe exploration of the present and past for the client to gain more insight and awareness that will help move through any difficulties the client is facing. Therapy is a journey. It requires openness, trust, and communication. There are different modalities of therapy. Despite some of the differences in modalities, we will discuss below; an essential part of any therapeutic process is having a meaningful and secure relationship with your therapist.

The different types of therapy and their descriptions are listed below.

Interpersonal psychotherapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy: these therapies often focus on how past experiences affect our current dynamics. They can be prolonged treatments or focused depending on the needs of the client. Therapy is typically done at least weekly for a number of months. The purpose of this type of therapy is to increase insight and awareness of yourself, which will be helpful in achieving your highest potential.

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy: this therapy is usually time-limited psychotherapy that lasts from 3-12 months. Usually, sessions are weekly with a specific goal to be reached by the end of treatment. The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy is to focus on negative thoughts and thought distortions that give rise to and perpetuate negative feelings. These negative thoughts often result in avoidance or missed opportunities that lead to further negative outcomes. The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to understand our negative thoughts and be able to reframe them in order to change the feelings they generate.

Therapy can be done in a group, as a couple, or most commonly done individually. The reality is that many of these different modalities work synchronously with one another to help the therapist and client achieve their best outcome. Please feel contact us if you would like to know more and begin your healing journey today.