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Anxiety is your body’s response to stress or danger. It’s a feeling of apprehension that can be subtle or overt about what might be about to come. Occasional anxiety is an expected part of life. You might feel anxious about starting a new job when faced with a problem when taking a test etc. Sometimes, anxiety can become more chronic and problematic. When the anxiety and worry do not go away or worsen, it can interfere with everyday life and cause problems in relationships, job performance, and overall happiness. Anxiety is prevalent in the United States. It is estimated that about 20-30% of the population suffers from anxiety at one point in their life. While it is slightly more common in women than men, over 40 million people are affected. There are several different types of anxiety disorders.


Some symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Feeling restless
  • Having difficulty feeling calm
  • Irritability
  • Keeping tension in your body
  • Chronic worry
  • Difficulty with sleep