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Parenting Transitions

Parenting is Hard

Parenting has many journeys, like learning how to adjust your schedule to a baby that cries throughout the night, all the way to becoming “empty-nesters” and watching your child(ren) grow up and gain more independence. Being a parent becomes a part of your identity, and it dictates many of your decisions.  As your children begin to become more independent and eventually transition to adulthood, that role does not go away, instead constantly changes. So much of our parenting journey is informed by the types of parents we had (or did not have) growing up, our ideas about what our children need and our own fears, worries, insecurities and blind spots. To say parenting is challenging, is an understatement!

Through any parenting transition you may feel various emotions. May your child is starting school and you are needing to shift your mindset about your role in his or her life. Maybe it’s the first time you have been away from your child for an extended period of time. Or maybe you are nervous about how your child is going to cope with the rigors of higher education, their own relationships and all the exciting and scary things that happen kids grow up. Whatever your fears may be, please know that these are very common experiences that lots of parents face, even if they do not discuss it. This is not to say, however, that just because many parents share these fears, that it is okay to face them on your own.

Your Worry and Fear May Be Justified, But It Does Not Have to Dominate Your Experience as a Parent

While so much of parenting is physical in the beginning, parenting can also be quite the emotional and mental roller coaster. Maybe your child is struggling in some ways, and it is difficult to detach from your worries about what this might mean for the future. Maybe you are struggling with the way you were parented versus the way you want to parent, and though its easy to decide what type of parents we might want to be, implementing this is often much harder. Chances are, you have raised an amazing child who is equipped to deal with the journey of life! And while the instinct to constantly protect might be there, it is important to be able to create healthy space and boundaries for parent child relationships to continue to grow and thrive. Working on understanding and improving your communication can also help ease some of the bumps in the parenting journey.

A Teletherapist or Telepsychiatrist Will Help You Explore Your Conflicts in Order to Alleviate the Constant Stress That Goes Along with Parenting

At Thriving Lane, our online therapists and telepsychiatrists have vast experience in coaching people through their hard times, including various parenting transitions that are often closely linked to your own experiences, fears, worries and personal journey. Above all, we prioritize your mental health and will use evidenced based techniques to partner with you through your difficulties. In our sessions, we blend conventional interventions with holistic approaches in order to ensure that your mental health is upkept.

What is the Point in Seeing a Therapist?

Unlike talking to friends and family, a licensed therapist, PA or psychiatrist can teach you proven tools to help manage your stress and develop coping. You can set yourself up to gain more insight, improve your relationships and decrease your stress. Our clinicians are highly trained in this field.

What Will Other People Say About Me?

A lot of people refrain from seeking mental health services out of fear of judgement from others. While it can be easy to be focused on the stigma and all the reasons not to access care, we would encourage you to instead consider what is to be gained by being in the best mental health space possible. How might this effect your day-to-day happiness, how might it effect your family? If you see room for improvement, please consider prioritizing yourself now! Think of telepsychiatry and teletherapy as a basic form of self-care.

Reaching Out

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In addition to online therapy for transitions in life, Thriving Lane offers a variety of mental health services to the locations below. available in Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Connect with us in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Athens, Macon, Alpharetta, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Minneapolis, Nebraska, Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue or from anywhere in these states. We offer individual counseling for women, anxiety counseling, depression treatment, counseling for expectant and new mothers, and counseling to help process trauma. Please note, due to licensing laws, our providers are only able to deliver services in the states they are currently licensed in.