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Marriage and Commitment

Marriage and Commitment

Marriage and commitment are wonderful things in the journey of life. However, they can also be thorny and cause pain. Tension in a marital or romantic relationship can have far-reaching effects on the entire household. Your commitment to your significant other is one of the most central relationships in your life. Though most marriages start with love, commitment, and hopes for a thriving future, the reality is that 39% of them end in divorce, which brings up the intuitive question, how did they get here? When there is tension, miscommunication, and irritation, it is time to take a deeper look despite a basis of love. Two people in a relationship bring different dynamics created by their pasts, their experiences, their trauma, and their expectations. It can be helpful to gain a more in-depth understanding of the complexities to help navigate that relationship better. It is also useful to be able to examine the ways in which you communicate and how this might be contributing towards misalignment.

On the other hand, maybe your relationship is going pretty well. That is great! When things are stable is actually one of the best times to engage in relationship work as an investment to a healthier future together. There is always more to learn and skills to hone that will help keep the relationship steady despite any challenges that life may send your way.

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