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Feeling Isolated, Broken, Frustrated, Sad? You Are Not Alone.

The journey to motherhood is not always easy or straightforward. Perhaps you anticipated you would get pregnant quickly because your mother or your best friend did? You may feel deceived at the picture-perfect narration of quick positive pregnancy tests followed by happy, healthy babies 9 months later. While there are many primary and secondary causes for infertility and many options for medical support, the journey can be very difficult. 

Women experiencing infertility should know first and foremost that they are not alone. Emotions varying from grief and mourning, sadness, guilt, loneliness, anger, envy, exhilaration, and disappointment are just a few of the varying dynamics infertility can insert into one’s life. There can be overwhelming social pressure to “think positive” and hide negative feelings. 

Many women lean on their partners, friends, family, which can be vital in riding the ups and downs. In addition to the medical support of Obgyns and Reproductive Endocrinologists, and infertility specialists, it is often helpful to have a secure and judgment-free space to process the feelings that come up with professionals who are familiar with this road.

The reality is that around 10 percent of women struggle with infertility, and in 2020, UCLA Health found that around 15% couples would experience trouble conceiving a child. In shorter words, infertility is a common issue and can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, stress, age, and conditions like PCOS. What do all of these factors have in common? You cannot control them. Not being in control, especially in one of the most important journeys in your life can be incredibly difficult (to put it lightly!). With the help of a trained clinician with training and experience in fertility issues, we hope that you can achieve more peace as you go down this path. You should reach out to get the help you need and deserve.

How Can an Online Counselor, Teletherapist, and Telemedicine Help Me With My Infertility Experience?

Infertility can be a very personal journey. While talking to friends and family can certainly be productive and relieve you of some of the emotions that come with infertility, sometimes it isn’t enough. Though friends and family can be well meaning, their attachment to you and the process can make it difficult for them to refrain from giving unwelcomed advice and just holding space for you. Lots of feelings may surface as you go through your unique journey, and some of them are not pretty—but that’s ok. 

At Thriving Lane, our clinicians have vast experience in coaching people through their hard times, including women going through the tumultuous journey of infertility. Above all, we prioritize your mental health and will use scientifically proven telemedicine techniques to guide you through a difficult time. In our sessions, we blend conventional interventions with holistic approaches in order to ensure that your mental health is up-kept.

Why Would I Go to an Online Counselor, Teletherapist or Telepsychiatrist Instead of a Traditional In-Person Clinician?

In our telepsychiatry sessions, by blending conventional interventions with holistic approaches, we are able to find the roots of tensions and mitigate them. We know that taking the first step can be difficult and that your life is already full of appointments. With this in mind, all of our sessions are virtual and the video sessions take place over a HIPAA secure telemedicine platform so that you can get the support that you need in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Reaching Out

If you are interested in finding more about online therapy, holistic treatment and medication management in Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Nebraska and Minnesota, please follow these three simple steps.  

  1. Call (347) 830 7720, click client portal on the top left side or hit the book now button to get in touch with Thriving Lane. Our staff will do a free 10-minute consultation to see how we can help.
  2. Connect with us through our newsletter and online content to help improve your mental health even if you aren’t ready for teletherapy, telemedicine, or telecounseling. 
  3. Begin the journey to finding your inner peace and achieving your highest potential!

In addition to online therapy for transitions in life, Thriving Lane offers a variety of mental health services to the locations below. available in Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Connect with us in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Athens, Macon, Alpharetta, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Minneapolis, Nebraska, Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue or from anywhere in these states. We offer individual counseling for women, anxiety counseling, depression treatment, counseling for expectant and new mothers, and counseling to help process trauma. Please note, due to licensing laws, our providers are only able to deliver services in the states they are currently licensed in.