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Depression Counseling

Do You Feel A Deep Sense Of Malaise And Discontent In Life?

Have you experienced unshakeable changes in your mood and you feel like you’re stuck in an emotional rut? Do you struggle with persistent feelings of sadness? Are you looking for a solution to help deal with the many responsibilities of life, but you are frustrated and overwhelmed by expectations others have of you?

Maybe you find yourself in need of support to get through the emotional highs and lows of daily life and its many transitions (e.g. leaving home, dating, young adulthood, creating a family, or building a relationship.) Perhaps the stress that you feel has turned inward toward yourself and transformed into disappointment. Maybe you also feel a sense of loss or emptiness if the tools you use to cope have not helped improve your emotional state.

Signs of depression include feelings of loneliness, low self-worth, and listlessness. The sadness, unease, and irritability of depression can permeate every area of life. It can range from low-grade to severe (also referred to as clinical depression). Depression can prevent you from engaging fully with others and yourself.

You may, in one moment, find yourself working at full capacity, striving for your goals. And alternatively in another, you may hold back your potential because you have mentally “checked out” due to lack of motivation. Perhaps you have begun to dig deeper and have unearthed additional feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, frustration, or unfulfillment.

Yet there is hope. It is possible to explore the painful and confusing emotions that you feel through depression treatment. It can help you pinpoint the source of your feelings and work through them, taking you from someone who goes through the motions each day, to someone who has found meaning in life again.

Woman with depression seeks counseling.

It Is Easy To Be Sidelined By Depression

We all experience the emotional ups and downs of life. The difficulty with depression is that some of us become stuck in our emotional lows much longer than others. And when we’ve fallen deep into our emotional pain or sadness and cannot free ourselves from its grasp, then we may need professional help to loosen the hold depression has over us.

The society in which we live contributes to the daily stressors that can eventually pile up until we can no longer deal with the stress. And as a result, we may struggle to address the complex emotions we can feel. We are faced with achieving our goals and attaining markers of our success in life, and if we do not meet our goals or live up to others’ expectations of us, then this perceived failure can leave us emotionally broken, spiraling downward into depression.

Additionally, we may also have a genetic predisposition to developing depression–perhaps we watched a parent struggle with the condition. Or maybe it was triggered by a traumatic experience in our childhood or adulthood.

No matter the origin, when we find ourselves grappling with symptoms of depression–discontent, hopelessness, social isolation–we may lose the ability to boost our spirits to a more neutral space. And we can thus feel helpless and powerless.

Yet depression treatment with Thriving Lane can help you regain the power you once felt in life. It can offer tools to slowly overcome the effects of depression, and pinpoint symptoms so you may be in alignment with who you truly are and find direction in your life once again.

Depression Treatment Can Get To The Root Of Your Struggles And Find Effective Solutions So You Can Thrive

If you struggle to dig yourself out of the emotional hole that feelings of constant sadness, frustration, irritability, or loneliness have placed you in, then depression treatment could be for you. Depression treatment can provide the support you need to patiently navigate your way out toward a more self-assured and contented place.

Therapists at Thriving Lane offer an empathetic, open, and accepting environment where you can explore emotions without judgment. Our therapists can help you hold space for your emotions and the experiences that may have led to them so you may find healing. Our approach to depression treatment has helped many of our clients to embrace their own humanness and build new strength toward a freer, unencumbered, and more productive self.

In the intake session, we will ask you to fill out paperwork which we will review in our first session together. In this first session, we will also evaluate the life stressors you have experienced, as well as how they may manifest in your daily life. Additionally, we will ask questions about your background and present circumstances to gather information that can help us develop an individualized treatment plan that caters to your specific needs.

In sessions, we will get to the root of your depression and uncover why it has persisted in your life. We will also identify what changes you can make to feel better long-term.

Depression treatment can also help you:

  • Gain an understanding of your relationship patterns
  • Develop skills to build social connections and decrease feelings of loneliness
  • Set boundaries by saying “no” to others’ expectations, needs, or demands to combat feelings of helplessness and overwhelm
  • Exercise greater control over your life with professional support that helps you take actionable steps toward healing so you can pursue your goals

To help you gain more solid footing with longer-lasting healing for your depression, we may also introduce modalities to help you delve deeper into your experience with depression and experience long-lasting results. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allows you to identify negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones so your behavior can elicit more constructive outcomes in life. We may also introduce holistic techniques to combat depression. For example, through nutritional psychiatry, we may incorporate healthy nutrition with the goal of regulating your mood through diet. Additionally, we offer medication management to help cope with depression–we have found that those of our clients who use medication have been able to cope more effectively with depression and find their way forward from it.

You do not have to take the healing journey alone. With support, you can accomplish more than if you tried to alleviate your depression symptoms on your own. We have helped many individuals find peace and address debilitating emotions with empathy so they may access their full potential. We believe we can do the same for you.

Maybe you still have questions about depression treatment...

I have already tried everything. I know therapy won’t work either. 

We commend you for taking the initiative to care for your mental health–more people should do the same. As a person attuned to your needs, you are also likely aware that strategies to address mental health are always changing, evolving. Not every “solution” works for each person, and herein lies the strong suit of therapy. With the choices that exist today, we can find specific tools that work for you and discard the ones that do not. With professional help, you have the opportunity to find strategies to effectively address your depression, and improve your mental health as a result.

I do not have time for therapy. 

Many of our clients have busy schedules with demanding jobs. And the alternative we offer them–as well as you–is teletherapy. When you lead a busy life, you do not have time to take off from work or reduce the time you spend with a spouse or family. In the time that it takes to commute, you can actually have one teletherapy session. Teletherapy has been a game-changer for many of our clients who need help with depression treatment but have tight schedules.

I don’t want to take medicine and change for the worse. 

Studies show that treating depression with both psychotherapy and medication can be the most effective form of treatment. Yet our therapists do not push medical dogma or ideology on you. Instead, we ask that you make the best decision for yourself, but from an informed place. Medication is simply a tool that can aid in the healing process, but ultimately the decision in how you want to treat your depression is for you to decide.

Are You Ready To Reshape Your Destiny?

Life may be like a box of chocolates, but you do have the power to sometimes influence the outcome. And if you’re ready to take the next step toward healing from depression, then we invite you to contact us to see how depression treatment can help you live a more fulfilling, contented, and authentic life.

In addition to online therapy for transitions in life, Thriving Lane offers a variety of mental health services to the locations below. available in Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Connect with us in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Athens, Macon, Alpharetta, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Minneapolis, Nebraska, Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue or from anywhere in these states. We offer individual counseling for women, anxiety counseling, depression treatment, counseling for expectant and new mothers, and counseling to help process trauma. Please note, due to licensing laws, our providers are only able to deliver services in the states they are currently licensed in.