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Coping with Disappointment: Pregnancy During COVID-19

Pregnancy is a time of expectation typically filled with celebration and joy as you eagerly await your little one’s arrival. Throughout your pregnancy, there are milestones you anticipate and look forward to: the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat, seeing that tiny little face on an ultrasound, a gender reveal party, a baby shower surrounded by friends and family, and the first time you get to finally hold your new baby in your arms. Throughout these special moments, you look forward to sharing them with your partner or spouse, other children, friends, and family members. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has completely changed and shattered the expectations many women have had about their pregnancies due to concerns over the risk of exposure to the virus. I found out I...

Mother plays with feet of newborn baby

Understanding Birth Trauma

Birth trauma is real. Learn how you can find healing after a traumatic birth. If you’d describe your childbirth as “traumatic,” you’re not alone. One study reported 50% of new mothers claimed they have birth trauma. And many women deal with intrusive thoughts, nightmares, depression, and irritability in the weeks and months after giving birth. Birth trauma can be isolating. You may find it difficult to process your experience. It’s possible that you are guilty or ashamed to feel fear or sadness following the birth your baby when you expected to feel joy and excitement. You may feel detached from others and struggle to bond with your new baby. ...


Perinatal Anxiety: How To Manage Antepartum and Postpartum Anxiety

Life transitions can be stressful for anyone, and becoming pregnant and having a baby are some of the most major changes some women experience in their lifetime. From the physical changes your body goes through to the transformation of your life after birth, it can feel impossible to find your bearings when everything in your life (and your body) is constantly shifting. As you prepare for these life-altering experiences, your anxiety is likely to reach its peak. Perinatal anxiety refers to disruptive, excess anxiety in women during pregnancy and up to one year after birth. This can include antepartum anxiety, which occurs during pregnancy, and postpartum anxiety, which begins after childbirth. Some level of anxiousness and anticipation during these major life events is normal. However, perinatal...


How Is Postpartum Depression Treated? An Integrative Approach to Women’s Mental Health

After bouts of morning sickness, constant fatigue, swelling feet, and heartburn, many women count down the days until their pending due date. While it can be incredibly exciting and surreal to finally hold your baby, approximately 12 to 20 percent of new mothers experience postpartum depression after delivery.   If you have PPD, your symptoms might start to show right after birth, or it may take a couple of weeks or months for them to begin. You may first notice that you don’t feel quite yourself, with lasting feelings of sadness, apathy, and hopelessness. It’s likely you’ll have little motivation to get through the day and lose interest in activities you use to enjoy. You may also notice you have greater difficultly concentrating on tasks, remembering important...


Anxiety and Depression: Why You Might Need To See a Psychiatrist

Living with anxiety and depression can make every day feel like a huge undertaking. From struggling to get out of bed in the morning to fighting racing thoughts at night, it can feel like you’ll never get a break from your own mind. And even though both depression and anxiety are very common, you may feel alone as you face your daily battle. Everyone experiences moments of sadness and anxiousness in their lives. However, when these feelings linger for long periods of time or are very severe, they can interfere with your quality of life and make you feel hopeless.   If you’ve been living with mental health issues for a long time, it can be easy to get caught in the trap of just trying to...